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Cantek - Automatic EdgeBander MX370M

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The MX370M from Cantek is designed to be a compact & durable entry level edgebander with pre-milling & corner rounding functions offered at an affordable price. This machine is equipped with pre-milling, combination end trimming & corner rounding unit, flush trimming, PVC scraping, and buffing. User friendly controls and adjustments allow for efficient changeovers of edge tape thicknesses between 0.4mm & 3mm


· 7” touch screen interface with user friendly controls

· Work-piece is fed by rubber covered chain pads with idle pressure rollers on the top.

· Edge coil support plate: Ø 720 mm (28.3”)

· Automatic edge feeding with a thickness capacity of 0.4–3 mm; strip material up to 4mm can be hand-fed

· Coiled edge bands up to 3 mm in thickness in Hard-PVC/ABS are cut with guillotine shears.

· 1 liter capacity teflon-coated hot-melt glue pot

· Spring loaded pressure unit with (2) pressure rollers (1 chrome & 1 rubber)

· Pre-milling unit with (2) counter rotating diamond cutterheads for precise edge quality.

· Combination end trimming & corner rounding unit runs on precision linear bearings. One unit performs both functions. 2mm radius

· 10500 RPM top & bottom trimmers with insert knife cutters for radius trimming & bevel trimming

· Top & Bottom trimmers use copy tracing wheels for optimum finishing results without scratching the face of the workpiece.

· Radius scraper with 2mm radius



· 2800 RPM top & bottom buffing units

· Heavy duty pressure beam with extendable work-piece support

· Heated infeed fence for pre-heating the panel for optimum glue penetration

· Mechanical digital readouts for convenient and quick adjustment to the working units & thickness




Feeding speed 23 FPM 7 m/min.

Panel thickness 0.472~1.77” 12~45 mm

Edge thickness 0.0158”~0.118” 0.4 ~ 3 mm

Minimum panel width 3.54” 90mm

Minimum panel length 6.7” 170mm


Min panel length w/ corner rounding

With panel height 12-30mm 6.7” 170mm

With panel height 30-45mm 8.67” 220mm


Working table height 33.7” 856mm

Extensible support width 22” 560mm

Extraction connection 4” x 3 100mm x 3

Premilling spindle speed 12000 RPM

Top & bottom trimmer RPM 10500 RPM

End trim/corner rounding RPM 12000 RPM

Buffing RPM 2800 RPM

Max. machine dimensions (LxWXH) 130” x 47 ¼” x 47 ¼”

Machine weight 1067 lbs 485 kgs

Shipping dimensions (LxWxH) 109” x 28 ½” x 54”

Shipping weight 1507 lbs 685 kgs



Feed motor 1 HP 0.75 kW

Pre-milling motor 2 HP 1.5 kW

Glue spindle motor 1/3 HP 0.25 kW

End trim/corner rounding motor ½ HP 0.35 kW

Top & bottom trimming motor ¾ HP 0.55 kW

Buffing motors 0.16 HP x 2 0.12 kW x 2

Heated infeed fence ½ HP 0.4 kW

Total connected power 8 HP 5.47 kW



Electrics: 230/3/60 - Full load AMPS 19



7” Touch Screen Interface · Glue temperature settings · Units can be selected and disengaged individually · Heated fence is standard · Keeps track of workpiece length, number or work pieces and hours.


Edge feeding for coiled materials · Edge feeding is automatic for roller materials with a thickness of 0.4–3 mm


Heavy-duty chain feeder · The steady work-piece feeding mechanism is comprised of a chain and set of drive rollers, which will not scratch the work-piece surface.


Glue Pot · The 1 Liter teflon-coated glue pot is designed for EVA hot-melt glue. The glue is applied by a roller and the glue amount is adjustable


Pressure Roller · The pressure roller unit consists of one large roller, followed by a smaller one. The purpose of the unit is to improve the glue bond between the edge and the material. The unit is mechanically spring-loaded and due to the “Quick” setup system, can be adjusted exactly to the required edge thickness. The adjustable spring system allows for a perfect bond between the panel and edge every time.


Guillotine Shears · Coiled material up to 3 mm in thickness can be trimmed by the guillotine shears.

Pre-Milling Unit · (2) diamond milling heads which are counter rotating mill the edge of the panel prior to applying the edgebanding for precise squareness and optimum edge results. Maximum removal of 3mm.



End Trimming / Corner Rounding Unit · Dual purpose unit for performing end trimming and corner rounding functions in one. · Can flush trim or radius trim depending on the work piece being machined.

Flush and Radius Trimming Unit · The standard copy roller disc for flush trimming unit is accurate, does not damage the work piece, and produces an optimum finish.


Scraping Unit – Radius Scraping Unit · The scraping unit fine-tunes the radius edge and removes excess glue



Buffing Unit · The buffing unit leaves a super finish on ABS and PVC edging, and removes any discoloration on the edges, which is especially noticeable when working with dark edge material.


Panel Thickness Setting · Panel thickness adjustment is quick and accurate & is achieved by a handwheel with mechanical readout.

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German Africano
Excelente máquina

Bueno esta maquina es super completa para hacer un trabajo profesional cumplió con todas mis expectativas

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