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CANTEK SRS330 Straight Line Ripsaw

by Cantek
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Precision glue joint ripsaw built for power and speed.

The Cantek SRS330 Straight Line Ripsaw is a single-blade ripsaw is geared towards the shop looking to increase efficiency in their ripping operations but cannot justify a multi-blade ripsaw.  With its precision cast iron chain and track assembly, and extended pressure section, the SRS330 can produce a glue joint finish ready for panel glue-up right out of the saw.

Why Cantek SRS330 Straight Line Ripsaw?

  • Produces a guaranteed glue joint finish to 13′, which eliminates the need to joint the material after ripping
  • Precision straight line feeding for parallel and accurate rip cuts
  • Eight hold down rollers over six rows ensure material is firmly held during cutting operations for a longer period resulting in a straighter, more precise cut
  • Powerful 20HP saw motor for even the most demanding rip applications
  • Maintenance-free chain track with the use of a reliable mechanical lubrication system
  • Variable feed speed by frequency inverter for optimum cutting results
  • Cast iron saw assembly, column, and table with superior vibration damping properties for optimum cutting results while ensuring long bearing and machine life.
  • Very rigid machine body with a welded steel frame
  • Absolute straight line feeding with glue joint to 13 ft.
  • FC35 cast iron chain track with double-V design ensures precision straight-line ripping with a long wear life
  • Precision Built Saw Arbor constructed of nickel-chrome steel, large diameter, accurately ground and dynamically balanced.
  • Arbor runs in precision angular contact type ball bearings (eliminates any radial run-out & axial thrust) – V Belt driven from below.
  • Mechanical operation chain oiler provides consistent lubrication to the chain track and automatically adjusts to your feed speed.
  • When oil runs low, a warning light will come on, and when it gets too low, the machine track stops running to avoid damage to the track.
  • Cast iron rip fence is mounted to a large diameter round guide rail with a quick-locking lever for effortless and accurate adjustment.
  • 3 sets of anti-kickback fingers: 2 top and 1 set in the table for added operator safety.
  • Soft start – Star Delta starter reduces the amp draw on startup.
  • Optional laser light to project the cutting line to achieve maximum material yield.
Max. workpiece thickness: 10″ blade 2.36″ 60mm
Max. workpiece thickness: 12″ blade 3.35″ 85mm
Max. workpiece thickness: 13″ blade 3.94″ 100mm
Max. workpiece thickness: 14″ blade 4.33″ 110mm
Minimum work piece length 8″ 200mm
Distance between saw and column 18.1″ 460mm
Saw arbor diameter 1″
Saw blade diameter 10″ – 14″ 250~355mm
Saw arbor speed 4300 RPM
Useable Chain Length 47″ 1194mm
Glue line guarantee 13′ (+/- 0.0098″) 3962mm (+/- 0.25mm)
Feed speeds variable 33~130 FPM 10~40 m/min
Arbor motor 20 HP
Feed motor 2 HP
Dust Collection Outlet 4″ 100mm
Table size 36.6″ x 64.6″ 930x1640mm
Table height 31-7/8″ 810mm
Machine weight 3190 lbs 1450 kgs
Machine Dimensions 78 ¾” x 44″ x 64″ 2000x1118x1625mm
Shipping Weight 3630 lbs 1650 kgs
Shipping Dimensions 76 ¾” x 53″ x 67 ¾” 1950x1346x1720mm

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