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CANTEK Automatic Dovetailer - JDT75

by Cantek
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$13,650.00 - $13,650.00
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It is time to upgrade your cabinetry with precision dovetail drawer boxes.

Add prestige to your cabinets with aesthetically pleasing dovetail drawer boxes with Cantek JDT75 Automatic Dovetailer. Dovetails display your quality and are built to last, producing beautifully aesthetic dovetails for drawer box production from a wide range of wood types, including plywood and solid wood. This fully automatic machine produces both the pin and tail of the dovetail simultaneously. All four sides of the drawer can be loaded into the machine for optimum production capacity.

Why Cantek JDT75 Automatic Dovetailer?

  • High-quality finish in both plywood and solid wood drawer box material
  • Fast operation with up to 40 drawer boxes produced in an hour
  • Solid cast iron machine structure for vibration-free dovetailing leading to a long machine life
  • Superior finish with two flute dovetail bit

  • 21500 RPM spindle for an extremely fine finish on dovetail joints
  • Independent adjustment of both the tenon & the mortise depth for precise fitting of dovetail joints
  • Cast iron base to ensure vibration free cutting
  • Pneumatic clamping for fast component changeover
  • (3) cycle speeds for best finish results
  • Automatic lubrication system to spindle stroke
  • Dust hood for milling cutter
  • Safety rail in front of spindle motor
  • Straight or spiral dovetail bits available

    Fixed pitch
    Spindle speed
    21,500 RPM
    Spindle diameter shank
    0.472” (12mm)
    Spindle motor
    2 HP
    Feed motor
    2 HP
    230/3/60 = 13.6 Full Load Amps
    Feed speeds (3)
    16, 22, 31 cycles/min
    Net weight approx
    990 lbs.
    Shipping weight
    1210 lbs.
    Shipping dimensions
    55.12” x 34.65” x 55.12”

    Workpiece Dimensions
    Working length
    min. 7.87” (200mm) to max. 59” (1500mm)
    Working width
    min. 2.36” (60mm) to max. 16.93” (430mm)
    Vertical material thickness
    0.275” (7mm) to 2.36” (60mm)
    Horizontal material thickness
    0.394” (10mm) to 1.18” (30mm)

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