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LAGUNA 14|bx Bandsaw 110 Volt

by Laguna
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The bandsaw is generally defined as a saw blade in the form of an endless steel band that rotates around two or more wheels. This blade is a continuous metal band with teeth on one side. As the wheels rotate, so does the band, which creates the continuous sawing action. Because the direction of the blade is always downward toward the table, there is little danger (except for special cuts) that the wood will be thrown back at the operator, which is called a kickback. "There is always danger of kickback when a circular saw is being used". For safety reasons many woodworkers prefer the bandsaw especially when cutting small pieces. The unique feature of the bandsaw is that the work piece can be rotated around the blade creating a curve. It is the tool most often used when curves have to be cut in wood. Because the bandsaw blade is fairly thin, it can cut thick stock with a minimum of horsepower. For this reason the bandsaw is often used when valuable pieces of wood are made into a thin piece of veneer.


Main differences from 14|12:

  • Weight increased
  • Solid one-piece Frame
  • Frame is heavier Gauge
  • Magnetic On/Off Switch
  • Disc-Brake w/ Micro-Switch
  • Dual light mounting positions

  • 12 Resaw
  • Height: 70 ¼ 
  • 21 ½ X 16 Table
  • Table Height: 38 
  • 7° Table Tilt Left
  • 2 X 4 Dust Ports
  • Blade Length: 115 
  • Cast Iron Wheels
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Dual Light Mount
  • 45° Table Tilt Right
  • Max. Blade Width: ¾ 
  • Pyramid-Shaped Spine
  • Min. Blade Width: 1/8 
  • Footprint: 17 ½ X 22 ½ 
  • Quick Release Tension
  • Magnetic Blade Guard 
  • Laguna Ceramic Guides
  • Hi/Low aluminum Fence
  • Worm Gear Rack & Pinion
  • Massive Cast Trunion 8 X13 

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