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LAGUNA Fusion F2 Tablesaw

by Laguna
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The new Laguna Fusion line was developed for demanding woodworkers.

Designed around quality components with an emphasis on superior dust collection enhanced by utilizing over/under collection & sealed bottoms.


All models are equipped with a precision fence, plus the F2 & F3 feature the Hi/Low aluminum extrusion known from European saws.

The hybrid fence on the Laguna Fusion offers the best of European and American fence features. This fence is NOT designed to be used on the LEFT side of the blade! Rail or tube on the LEFT side is provided only to make the ON/OFF switch position.

Permanently lubricated bearings & Acme screws are

part of the internal DNA.

Fusion 2 is the true successor to the original Fusion Table Saw.

The task was simple: make a saw that was more refined, more precise, and cleaner.

  • robust and versatile fence
  • cabinet mounted trunnion
  • mechanically assisted blade movements
  • hybrid cabinet saw with trunnion that rides on two solid steel 1" posts

2 New Features Now Standard On F2 & F3 Fusions

  • DRO For The Tilt Angle Of Blade
  • Double Window With Hairline For Hi/Low Fence

Download Manual

DRO Manual



Power Requirements: 110V-1PH-60HZ*

Amperage (FLA) :14 AMP

Motor Power: 1.75 HP

Motor Speed: 3450 RPM

Starter Switch: Magnetic

Plug Included: 5-15

Circuit Breaker Req.: 110V - 25 AMP

Receptacle Req. : 5-15


Certification: CSA C/US 175370

Net Weight: 275 lbs (125 Kgs)

Shipping Weight: 368 lbs (167 Kgs)

Shipping Dimensions: L29-3/4" W46-5/8" H42-5/8"

Overall Size: L39-3/4” W65-5/8” H38”


Blade Size: 10"

Vertical Cut Height: 3 1/8”

45° Cut Height: 2 1/8"

Tilt: 0-45° Left

Min. Kerf: 3mm ~1/8" (actual: 0.1875")

Max. Kerf (Dado Blade): 13/16"

Arbor Speed: 4500 RPM

Arbor Diameter: 5/8"

Mitre Slot: 3/4" to 1" T

Throat Plate: Zero Clearance Square Composite, w/ adjustment

Fence: Double Rail Cam Action


Overall Size: L39-3/4" W65-5/8" H38"

w/ 52" Extension: +16" to W in Overall Size

Base: L18-5/8" W19-1/4"

Floor to To Table: H34-3/4"

Table: L27" W20"

Extension Wing: L27" W12" (x2)

Throat Plate: L14-5/8" W4-1/16" th1/2"

Dust Collection:

Dust Port Outer Diameter: 3-7/8"

CFM Requirement: 350 CFM

Dust Port Outer Diameter: 3-7/8"


Table: Cast Iron

Table Wing: Cast Iron

Cabinet: Sheet Steel

Throat Plate: Composite

Arbor Wheels: Iron

Fence: Aluminum Rail, Steel Body

Upper : Trunnion Cast Aluminum Alloy

Lower Trunnion : Cast Aluminum Alloy

Features & Comparison :

Industrial Use: NO

Enclosed Cabinet: YES

Integrated Mobility: YES

Quick Release Guards: YES

Quick Blade Change: YES

Integrated Tool Holder: YES


110V Power: YES

Iron Upper Trunnion: NO

Accessories & Options:

Dado Throat Plate: PTSF236110175-001

Thin Kerf Riving Knife: PTSF132110150-0130-000

Right of wing table: NO

Outfeed Table Attachment: NO

Dust Collection Guard: Included with purchase

Mitre Guage: Included with purchase

Blade Guard: Included with purchase

Arbor Wrench: Included with purchase

Riving Knife: Included with purchase

Standard Throat Plate: Included with purchase


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