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PaintLine ProDryingRack SD™ (PSDR)

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All PSDR Series racks now include the new PSDR Spinner, which replaces the wooden dowels. This metal spinner makes for an even faster setup with less parts to pack up. Set it up exactly as you would with the regular PSDR spinner system, minus the wooden dowels.

The PSDR Series is an integrated system that uses cabinet door hangers for painting. It's designed to paint and dry cabinet doors in a vertical orientation with the least amount of effort and space. Cabinet door hangers are used for spraying all sides in one step.

Hang doors by common cup-hooks or use our EFC Hinge Hooks for completely unmarred surface results. The doors then hang on the spinner assembly which is designed to give the painter complete control of the hanging part. Heavy-duty metal hangers eliminate the annoying and costly failure of wooden clothes hangers. 18 feet of drying line allows tight spacing of 50 drying doors since the custom hanger hook radius matches the drying pole, preventing parts from spinning.

The PSDR Is designed for foolproof assembly in less than 10 minutes without tools. Tear down is just as fast into ballistic nylon bags for convenient storage and easy transport to the next job site.

So no more wooden clothes hangers on PVC pipe for spraying, or extension ladders between step ladders for drying. The PSDR Series is a must for the commercial painter who values speed and efficiency in their paint process.

Please note that cup-hooks are not provided in this order.


  • 9 six-foot poles, 1 spray tube, 6 bases, joints and hardware to build the spraying and drying stands.
  • 50 Standard Hangers
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Spray Holder
  • 3 Carry Bags (holds the poles, bases, and hangers)
Not Included: This item ships in 3 cartons with 3 different tracking labels. Please be aware that all cartons may have different arrival times.